Belt Driven Live Roller Conveyor

      Guanhou manufactures multiple styles of belt driven live roller conveyors and automated belt conveyor systems. This includes flat belt driven live roller and v-belt driven live roller. These can be provided with 2-1/2", 2-5/8" or 1.9" diameter rollers. Belt drive can be variable or zero pressure by using either mechanically or air actuated variable pressure roller mounting assemblies. Our frames are punched on a CNC controlled punched ensuring roller centers and hole locations to +/- .002". 

Belt Driven Live Roller Conveyors

The belt driven live roller conveyor line is designed as a package-handling product. We are equipped to handle boxes and totes up to 100 lbs/ft and at speeds of 60-320 feet per minute. This conveyor type is typically used in shipping/receiving applications.

Our cam-adjustable rollers can be set in the field to mechanically adjust the amount of pressure the belt uses on the carrying rollers. If the application or product changes through the life of the conveyor, anyone can quickly adjust the conveyors’ tendencies. Cam-adjustable pressure rollers are used in a transportation application when you don’t need to accumulate product.

When accumulation is necessary, air valves can control the position of the pressure rollers by either photo-eye sensing product or through mechanical sensor roller activation. When a product comes to rest on a sensor roller or in front of a photo-eye, the zone behind the product is deactivated. The following product will coast to a stop in the inactive zone, thus triggering the next sensor roller or photo-eye.