General introduction of supplier 

Company profile

Shanghai Guanhou Conveying Equipment Co., Ltd. is an automatic conveying equipment specialized in R & D, manufacturing, producing, installing and after-sales turnkey service. Meet different industries, special process requirements, the entity enterprise of special equipment.

Shanghai Guanhou Conveying Equipment Co.,Ltd was founded in 2001, has 28 senior engineers, 17 gas and electricity engineers, 32 senior technicians, 83 manufacturing and installation technicians, and 62% of the company's employees have bachelor degree or above. A perfect quality management system can provide you with the best combination of space, time, human resources and financial resources conveying equipment system.

Jiangsu Guanhou Intelligent Control Equipment Co., Ltd. is an important production base of Guanhou company, which is promoted to the international market. It has invested 48 Mu to build a factory with an office area of 5000 square meters and a production workshop of 15000 square meters. It specializes in manufacturing and R & D of intelligent control software, industry standard machines and new product R & D.

Users with different needs will always be our goal and the driving force of constantly surpassing ourselves and striving for the first. Shanghai Guanhou is looking forward to sincere cooperation with friends at home and abroad to create brilliant future together.

On the premise of ensuring the quality and production safety of the conveying equipment, on the basis of the digital factory, build a using network of things technology and equipment monitoring technology, master the supply and marketing process, production and processing process, improve the controllability in the production process, reduce the front-line production workers and manual intervention of production workers ,timely and correctly collect data in the production and processing process, and effectively use them Information, improve productivity, reduce costs, build an efficient, energy-saving, green and environmental friendly human nature factory.




 Let Guanhou conveying equipment go to all walks of life, establish Guanhou brand, and become a benchmark enterprise in the same industry.


 Combined with the mature and advanced mechanical and electrical control technology in Europe, the United States and Japan and the rapid development of market demand in China, we  grasp the first opportunity, with modern management concept, fighting spirit and innovative attitude, and make contributions to the factory automation conveying equipment at home and abroad.

  Core competence

  Abundant international resources: we have products and technologies from industrial automation fields such as the United States, Europe, Japan, etc.; we have rich market operation experience in the Middle East; we have innovative and mature business operation mode in the Asia Pacific region; we have China's first-class automation industry (MHS) expert team; We have rich operating experience in project services for multinational companies investing in China.

  Powerful systems integration

  Our advantage lies in our ability to integrate international resources and strong system integration ability. We can not only provide customers with the best single machine products, but also provide a variety of considerate solutions to meet customer needs. The integrated system under this scheme can bring high cost-to customers and remove customer  concerns.

   Excellent service quality

   We care about our products, but more about our services! The whole process of follow-up service is accompanied by customers. No matter the scheme design or after-sales service, We all think about it from the customer's point of view. In Shanghai Guanhou, customers get not only high-quality products, but also high value-added services.

    Excellent leadership team

   The leading team of Shanghai Guanhou is not only familiar with the international rules of the industry, but also well versed in the management of the enterprise. It aims to build Shanghai Guanhou Conveying Equipment Co., Ltd. into an international and national enterprise

Enterprise system introduction

Technology R & D department and Product design department

1. Use STS, 3D3S etc. structural software to calculate the structural mechanics with legal basis to ensure the safety of the steel structure shelf.

2. Use Auto CAD, UG etc. computer-aided design systems to complete the standard production and construction drawings to ensure the project quality is qualified.

Production department

1. Manage and coordinate the normal operation of production, quality assurance, cutting, manufacturing, equipment, welding, powder coated,brushed , polishing etc groups.

2. Carry out standardized operation of workflow.

3. Plan production and complete high-quality products at one time.

Quality inspection department


1. Establish inspection standards in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and national norms.

2. Use advanced testing instruments and conduct strict inspection as required to ensure the quality meets the requirements.

         Project Department

1. Plan and schedule the project as a command center for liaison and coordination between the project and all departments.


2. Adopt the project leader system to conduct professional technical discussion and coordination on the project and master the construction progress.

Construction Department

1. Carry out construction organization management, workflow and material dispatch in a planned way.

2. First simulate, consider, plan and ensure the order, efficiency, environment and safety of the construction site are expected, so as to ensure the task can be completed at one time.

         Sales Department

1. Formulate the company's sales strategy, prepare the sales plan, do a good job in market research, actively expand the market, and constantly improve the market share.

2. Establish sales network, visit customers regularly or irregularly, establish customer information feedback, and solve customer problems.

3. Formulate department internal management, distribution and reward methods. We strengthen the study of salesmen and constantly improve their comprehensive quality and market control ability.

             After sales service department

1. Formulate the company's annual service plan, allocate personnel proportion, prepare plan forms, and establish customer service information.

2. Do a good job in the contact and management of regional service outlets, and establish a good assessment mechanism.

3. Classify the equipment information feedback by customers, make statistics, discuss and improve with relevant departments of the company, and strive to achieve zero complaint of equipment.

4. All equipment produced by Guanhou are remotely connected to the backstage server through the Internet to monitor the on-site equipment in real time. The customer feedbacks the problem for 5 minutes to solve the basic fault and ensure the smooth production.

                 Quality Control

1. Key technical documents such as overall process flow, equipment layout and overall design shall be confirmed and signed by both parties before coming into force.

2. In the design of equipment structure, the user's convenience in use, maintenance and repair shall be fully considered.

3. After the confirmation of the layout plan, carry out the structural design of components and put them into production.

4 After receiving the equipment ground foundation schematic diagram, power point location diagram, roof (side wall) reserved hole location diagram and energy and power parameters provided by our company, the user shall carefully review and confirm before organizing the construction.

5. In the process of manufacturing, installation and commissioning, both parties must cooperate closely, cooperate with each other and jointly carry out technical supervision.

6. Our company strictly follows the provisions of drawings and technical agreement

7. In the process of equipment manufacturing, users can send personnel to the processing site for inspection at any time.

8 Before using the equipment, the user shall send personnel to our company to conduct periodic supervision on the appearance, material use and manufacturing quality of the equipment.

9. In the process of on-site installation and commissioning, the user shall send personnel to supervise the construction on site as required, and our company shall actively cooperate with them.

10 After the completion of equipment installation and commissioning, organize the acceptance to ensure the overall project quality.


11 After formal completion, the warranty period of the equipment is 24 months, equipment during warranty period, Shanghai Guanhou Conveying Equipment Co., Ltd. is responsible for providing free service for quality problems. Upon expiration, Shanghai Guanhou Conveying Equipment Co., Ltd. is responsible for providing paid service and lifetime warranty